DATE: Wednesday September 19th, 2018

TIME: 8:30 am PT | 11:30 am EDT | 4:30 pm BST

SUBJECT: IntelliBoard; the most comprehensive reporting and analytics platform

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The most comprehensive reporting and analytics platform of any LMS on the market today, Intelliboard provides its services to educational communities and institutions wanting expanded reporting and analytics for their LMS platform. The company does so by extracting the LMS’ gathered statistical data and presenting it on a single dashboard where users can view printable charts, graphs, and analytics.


  • CEND by IntelliBoard (Conditional Event Notification Dashboard): triggering notifications based upon established criteria
  • ASK LISA by IntelliBoard: AI Assisted Request who gets smarter the more she gets to know you
  • PERMIT by IntelliBoard: Focus key data points on learners, courses or cohorts, choose specific analytics and reports, configure personalized dashboards for various data recipients throughout your institution based upon their responsibility and job title.
  • Customer Support: Real people. People with backgrounds in higher education, training, and performance improvement. We know your field, and we know our product.
  • Configurable Dashboards; Organizational Role and SubAccount features allow you the flexibility to configure multiple roles and permissions to fit every important role: Managers, Department Chairs, Employers, Parents, etc.
  • More than 120+ reports and analytics to slice and dice your data the way you need to see it.
  • Real-time Monitors & Personalized Insights
  • Attractive & refined graphs and charts

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With IntelliBoard, rest assured that you’re shown every bit of information possible in order to make informed decisions about learning opportunities for students, find out which students are doing great and which students need more attention and to figure out which exercises might need reworked. Plus, for security purposes: no data is stored outside of your secure LMS so rest assured that your information, and your students information, is safe.

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