WEBINAR – Making the Jump: 3.1 to 3.5 LTS

Happy New Year, Moodlers!

Ahhhh, January – the year’s Monday. Time for reflections and resolutions.

In the IT world too, it’s a time for plotting course. What better way to prepare for the year ahead, than getting ready for the coming upgrade season?

Moonami clients are varied across industries, and so no one solution fits everyone… that having been said, our family of sites generally follow one of two upgrade pathways – 1. Iterative, and 2. LTS or Long Term Support

What’s the difference?

Iterative upgrades are done more regularly. Moodle releases a new version twice a year. Iterative upgraders tend to stay on or near the latest Moodle release. They get fewer new features all at once, making for smaller, easier-to-swallow staff training efforts. If this is your site, you’re welcome to join the webinar party – but please know that this session is geared toward LTS sites 😉

LTS upgrades happen every couple/few years. This pathway is ideal for Moodles with heavy customizations, complicated integrations, and/or who serve big populations. It allows for less frequent development billings, and longer periods of “business as usual” for faculty and learners. If this is your Moodle, please join us!

What we’ll cover –

  1. New Features for Teachers (covering 3.2-3.5)
  2. New Features for Manager/Admins (covering 3.2-3.5)
  3. Upgrade Workflow/Planning

When’s the Party (webinar)?

Thursday January 31th at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT

How can I join?

Thursday 1/31 at 2:30pm Eastern/11:30am PT


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